myEMDclass provides accessible and effective continuing education classes for Public Safety Telecommunicators – four online classes a month, all year long. Our dispatchers are well educated, not just well trained.  Classroom information and actual 9-1-1 scenarios support all private and non-profit EMD protocols that match national standards.


The field of public safety has evolved since 9/11. Police and Fire departments have refined methods of working together using new technology, joint planning and cooperative training for solutions to problems. Businesses and public employees that once stood alone (such as banks and schools), are now expected to join with traditional public safety agencies in a coordinated response to complex incidents involving school shootings and hostages. Each employee performs a designated function within a pre-planned incident response. Recognized as the ‘FIRST’ first responder, call-takers and dispatchers of medical incidents are expected to play an integrated role in the pre-hospital delivery of care. Knowing what to do and when to do it gives all participants the confidence to be an active team player – the best role for an effective response!

Communications are a vital link for public safety, and necessary to ensure success.


•  Pre-planned policies include everyone

•  Limited budget

•  Expected level of service is high

•  Continuing education is essential

The cost of providing expected service continues to increase, while the world economy struggles through a recession.
The challenge for public safety disciplines and private businesses alike is to provide for this expected higher level of service on a smaller budget.

Levels of Service

Classes are available on a yearly subscription basis. Each quarter is developed with a category of focus, and includes four short classes (including two practical scenarios) a month. Each month of classes equals one hour of continuing education.
Managers can also select class topics for delivery based on individual agency needs. Custom level tailors classes to match individual agency policy.

Our popular Stroke & Heart Disease Quarter of 12 classes:

Stroke Classes
Heart Problems
Stroke and Heart Disease Prevention

And also for the more experienced students:

Breathing Problems

Previous classes from this year included:

Level of Care